Graham Dodsworth, a singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer since childhood, uses his long association and intimate knowledge of folklore to deliver powerful interpretations of Australian, Celtic, British and contemporary Folk Songs. He has a Master of Arts in Australian Folklore and takes audiences on entertaining tours of 19th and early 20th century Australian song.

Graham was born in a small coal mining town in rural Australia and became interested in folk song during his teenage years, performing at venues and festivals throughout Australia ever since. Fascinated by the evolution of songs as they traversed centuries and continents, he began researching the triggers that prompted alterations to words and tunes. Upon entering academia, it was inevitable this would become the topic of his thesis, now published and currently available on Amazon. Graham was awarded a National Library of Australia and Australian National Folk Festival fellowship and has to date released three albums, 'Summer Madness', 'In Good King Arthur's Day' and 'In Our Time'. His current project is a song album titled, 'Australia'.